Villa Santa Croce

Rent a piece of paradise, Villa Santa Croce

If you are looking for a holiday rental that can transport you to paradise, Villa Santa Croce on the famous Amalfi Coast is the perfect place. ‘Villa Santa Croce’ is a stunning, spacious villa situated in one of the most picturesque areas on the famous Amalfi coast, in Italy. It sits in the shade of lush bougainvillea pergolas and is surrounded by brightly coloured, fragrant plants and trees; such as beds of scented geraniums, olive trees and palm trees.

Villa Santa Croce

Where the sea shines

It overlooks the crystal clear blue sea and the entire property is surrounded by a natural landscape of breath-taking beauty, creating a unique and special haven that captivates the eye and seduces the soul. This generates an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation – the perfect getaway in other words. A place to rest, relax and re-generate, but close enough to amenities to offer whatever entertainment you wish. It is also only a short distance from the centre of Amalfi, so shopping and other needs are easily fulfilled.